Postsecondary enrollment consists of all students who graduated from high school in a given school year who enroll in programs of postsecondary education in the first academic year that begins after the students’ graduation. Using RIDE's high school completer data along with National Student Clearinghouse's postsecondary enrollment data, RIDE determines the type of postsecondary program students have enrolled in upon graduation.

RI Public includes students enrolled in one of the three RI public institutions of higher education - Community College of RI, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island.

RI Private includes students enrolled a private institution of higher education located in the state of RI.

Out Of State includes students enrolled in any (public or private) institution of higher education that is located in a state other than RI.

Not Enrolled includes students who are not enrolled in an institution of higher education. However, these students may be enrolled in other postsecondary actions, such as students entering into career or technical programs or joining the military.